We are organizational design and development consultants and coaches dedicated to improving the performance of local and state government organizations.

We believe in the importance of local and state government in shaping great places to live and work. We also believe that public service organizations can no longer operate in the same way - things are changing too fast.

We are taught by the great management consultant and "social ecologist" Peter Drucker who wrote,

 " All organizations need to know that virtually no program or activity will perform effectively for a long time without modification and redesign.  Eventually every activity becomes obsolete.  Among organizations that ignore this fact, the worst offender is government.  Indeed the ability to stop doing anything is the central disease of government". 

Now, this is true more than ever.  Cities, Counties, and State Agencies are struggling in an environment that is rapidly changing and are having to deal with multiple change drivers; economic stress, increased service demands, accelerating demographic change, globalization, and disruptive technologies. 

We care and we can help.  We can help you deal with a current crisis and we can help your organization use your people and your technology to thrive and become a great organization.