Local and State Governments play a direct role in creating great places to live and work with a high quality of life for their citizens. Great places don't happen by accident, luck, or by reacting, they are shaped by public sector organizations that perform at high levels.

Why us?

Our Mission...

Helping create great public service organizations through the effective and efficient use of their people and technology resources.

Our team of consultants has a deep grounding and experience in....

  • Management
  • Technology
  • Work Flow and Process Engineering
  • Development and Enhancement of Human Resources Potential
  • Leadership Coaching 


  • have a unique methodology and Banyan Kane Group assessment templates
  • have "gray hair", with years of hands on experience as managers within organizations and as outside consultants to organizations
  • don't deliver "boiler plate" plans and recommendations developed by inexperienced MBA's
  • listen, relate, and communicate with our clients
Our Values....
  • Competence
  • Authenticity
  • Service
  • Truth
  • Listening
  • Learning
  • Wisdom
  • Creativity

Let us make it easier for you to serve your citizens and create thriving places to live.